Withdrawal Agreement House Of Lords

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Ursula von der Leyen talks about a partnership agreement. Partnership: I like the sound. That is why I ask the Minister, given that there are 27 sovereign Member States ready to put their citizens first in supporting trade and commitment, that the United Kingdom not be prepared to put our fellow citizens first in protecting their security and economic well-being by establishing a future partnership agreement that avoids: the food price increases against which we are warned; Export duties failure to enter EU countries because of Covid, which threatened us; New driver`s licenses and new insurance documents Health insurance, expensive or non-existent; Customs offices and traffic delays; and threats to our manufacturers who depend on imports? Is that really too much to ask of this government? Will the minister ask the Prime Minister, even at this late hour, not just to go for the extra mile he has promised, but to go as far as it takes to reach an agreement that is in the interest of the whole country? Talks between Britain and the EU broke down last week, with each side calling on the other side to compromise to reach an agreement. The EU said it was happy to keep talking, but Johnson said the negotiations were over unless there was a „fundamental“ transition from the bloc. He urged British businesses to prepare for an economic break with the EU at the end of the year. I now turn to the government`s first commitment. This agreement protects the free access of Northern Ireland businesses to their main market. As the Prime Minister pointed out, this had to be fully protected, which meant that any prospect of de exporting goods from Northern Ireland moving from Northern Ireland to Britain had to be eliminated. That`s what our agreement is going to do.

These movements are not subject to additional requirements for businesses in Northern Ireland, with very limited and trade-specific exceptions to the threatened species and conflict diamonds. „This bill is intended to make Parliament complicit in a system that openly ignores two fundamental principles — that single agreements must be respected and that the government is not above the law,“ said David Anderson, an independent member of the Lords. „How could we do that?“ I will conclude with the noble Baroness` remarks that the Labour Party would accept an agreement that would not give us control of our borders, our laws and our fish, because the line he presented was indeed „agreed at all costs.“ We are working tirelessly to reach an agreement.

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