Uup Telecommuting Agreement

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The Office of the Governor of Trade Union Relations has reached an agreement with all unions, including the CSEA, to have workers who earn staff leave temporarily suspend personal leave as follows: from Tuesday, March 17, all non-essential public servants, including SUNY staff, will work from home under a new telework pilot program designed to limit the spread of COVID-19. The program was developed through agreements with CSEA, PEF and UUP and also applies to M/C employees. It will remain in effect until May 14, 2020. UUP has a landmark agreement with the State of New York that allows employees to tele-teleatug from alternative workplaces. This is a two-month national pilot project that allows UUP members to remotely tele-refer when operationally possible. Line managers should inform their employees of their status as soon as possible (i.e. not significantly). They should also provide a list of these findings to human resources. All teleworkers must present a work plan that includes hours worked and hours worked. Employees must treat a day as a regular work day during which the worker must maintain a normal working life. More information on this policy and the necessary forms will be provided tomorrow. The extension does not change the telecommunications contract.

Click HERE to view the telework agreement. The following was sent to all employees of the system administration and sent late yesterday to all campuses. This is the current status of an „essential/not essential“ policy with respect to COVID-19. As you can see, the order that non-essential staff work from home is linked to our telework contract. The latter is the framework for monitoring work, as many of us work from home. Kowal said the renewal of the contract was extremely important for parents – especially parents with young children and children who are schooled remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic – who have child care problems. It`s not a perfect solution, but Kowal said he was confident the deal would help parents juggle work and educational homework. Work plan for telecommunications – a document filled out by the teleworker in a format given by the telecommunications manager for each day of telemutation. The order of work contains important information about each day of telemedicine, including hours worked and work done. Several days of telemutation can be included in a single worktop. The order of work must be signed by the telemarketer and the supervisor/manager. An agreement with the State for the extension of the telecommunications agreement until 2 October 2020.

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