Studio Rental Agreement Template

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The tenant accepts that the studio assumes no responsibility for damages or injuries caused by the use of rental property to the tenant or a third party. The tenant takes care of all the risks of personal or bodily harm. If there has been an accident with the studio rental items while in the tenant`s possession, return to the studio with a written statement on the details of the event, including the police report and the names and addresses of witnesses, if any. Weekend rates: $50.00 per hour, $300.00 per day. Adjustment or hair and makeup equipment, which require extra time, must be taken into account in the rental offer. With our drag-and-drop PDF editor, you can customize this studio rental model to suit your needs and watch your studio. Include studio prices and rules, indicate your terms and conditions, and add your studio logo. Each time a customer signs your studio rental form online, your studio rental contract template immediately records their booking information as a PDF, making it easier to separate and organize customer information. By streamlining your leasing process, JotForm gives you more flexibility in your Property Management workflow. RELATED: The tenant agrees to obtain a signed liability authorization from all persons who will be on site before using the studio. The studio is not responsible for injuries or accidents of the tenant, tenant staff, tenants, tenants or any tenants that occur inside or outside the studio. The use of the studio is required in advance: ` Signed studio rental contract`, `Payment of the deposit` -Renouncement and share of responsibility signed for all persons who will be present in the studio – Photocopy of the tenant driver`s license The premises must be used for the purposes of a photography/video studio, including necessary activities and generally incidental to such use.

The studio has the right to inspect equipment, studio and furniture at any time during the rental period. The tenant makes all necessary arrangements to allow a representative of the studio to access the devices and the studio.

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