Simple Storage Rental Agreement

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The storage unit must be evacuated on the date or before the paid date. WE REQUIRE A 10 DAY ADVANCE NOTICE OF MOVE OUT. Self-storageMietvertrag 1. Tenant Information: (b) Name: Address: Address: City: City: State: Alternatives Coordinated: Status: Zip: Zip: Home Phone: () Home Phone: () Business Phone: () Business Phone: () Handy: () Handy: () Handy: () Handy: ()… The tenant will re-rent the accommodation during this stock rental contract at any time in a clean and neat condition. 7. USE OF THE STORAGE UNIT. Cannon Self Storage is not busy storing goods for rent and no derailments are created as part of this agreement. Cannon Self Storage has neither the preservation nor control of the tenant`s stored property. The tenant agrees to use the storage unit only for the storage of the property 100% owned by the tenant. The closest and most obvious needs are the actual conditions of the agreement. Of course, the monthly rent, the due date of payment and any late fees are important, but there are many other elements that need to be taken into account: 6. YOUR GOODS CAN BE SOLD.

(a) In accordance with the Tennessee Code Annotated Annotated Storage Act 66, Chapter 31, Cannon Self Storage and its heirs, executors, directors, successors and beneficiaries of the assignment, a link on all personal property that is in our self-storage store, for rent, work or other expenses, present or future, with respect to expenses reasonably incurred by its sale or any other provision provided for by this article Have. The Link is added if the personal property is placed in the automatic storage facility and continues as long as Cannon Self Storage retains the property and until the standard is corrected or until the sale is made or the property is otherwise discarded for the completion of the Link. The Link in this section is superior to all other related or security interests, unless the law is otherwise. Cannon Self Storage Links may be forced by a written notification to the tenant by manual delivery, verified mail or email to the tenant`s last known address, Cannon Self Storage`s claim the amount due at the time of notification and the date the amount was due. The tenant has thirty days from the date of notification to pay the balance due, or the property is put up for public sale. Before any sale or other personal disposition or property in accordance with this section, the tenant may pay the amount necessary to complete Cannon Self Storages Link and the reasonable costs incurred by law and thus cash in the personal property. b) If the property to which it is asked to rent a vehicle and rent and other property-related costs remain unpaid or dissatisfied sixty (60) days after the maturity of the obligation to pay the rent, Cannon self storage may have towed the vehicle or may sell the vehicle through public auction. Cannon Self Storage is not responsible for the vehicle or damage to the vehicle as soon as Cannon Self Storage takes the unit when it moves.

c) Cannon Self Storage`s liability for the sale of Lien is limited to the net proceeds from the sale of the personal property. (d) Cannon Self Storage is not liable for identity theft or other damage resulting from the misuse of information contained in an electronic storage document or medium that is part of the tenant`s property sold or otherwise dumped and (ii) of which Cannon Self Storage had no real knowledge.

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