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1. Clonée the SAP-type program that indicates structure agreements, z.B by manufacturer (ME3L), hardware (ME3M), etc., which calls it program Z.2. The final period (of and up) was added to the Z programs as a selection parameter (we could not find a standard program with the final period as a selection parameter).3. You can then either link the standard Tcode (ME3L, etc.) to Zprograms or add Z programs to the report structure (I suggest that it be affected by an SAP upgrade) because the default feature change would be altered by an SAP upgrade.4 Run the report in which the completion date field is saved and select the PO-SHORT (or similar) in the Selection Settings field. Well-written tutorial. Some suggestions/requests: `Menu path to VL10A would help, as it is completely different from other SD menu paths tutorials. A little more explanation on the list of delivery would help – i.e. delivery on the 10th green watch (which I guess, meant), while on the 4th amber (which I guess is going on). How was the position for the 4th displayed in the delivery plan? This part is not clear. Did the system enter it? However, we do not know the impact of the „Account to The Debtor“ field on updating delivery plans. A delivery plan is a framework agreement between you and a saleable party valid for a specified period of time. The delivery plan contains fixed delivery dates and quantities. These dates are included in the delivery plan classifications.

Once the delivery plan is due, you can place the delivery as usual or using a list of deliveries. This part is designated as the head of the delivery plan: Head of the delivery plan As the delivery plan contains the delivery dates and quantities, deliveries are determined on the basis of the quantity delivered. Let`s first look at the details of the delivery in the delivery plan: Details of the delivery plan When we establish a delivery plan, we should fulfill the quantit y target (z.B.-20 we fill 100), but if we maintain the delivery plan of the layout race, it seems that the provision does not comply with quantitative controls…… In my case althhough, it was indicated that the target amount of 100, the programming could use the SA article – 20 amount of schedule greater than 100; in my case, the SA was scheduled for 15-0 although 20, the target amount was 100. I checked the documentation, and there is an expalanation on this….. Is that how it should happen or am I putting something at 20?? You can see the „Sold Party“ and „Delivery-to-Party“ fields at the top left of the screen. A sold party can have several ship-to-parties. If many ship-to-parties are linked to a sold part, a dialog box appears on the delivery plan screen.

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