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. (each supplier and customer are gone and, together, the supplier and the customer are the parties). The supplier is qualified and experienced in the design, development and maintenance of the software [SaaS solution description] and has the expertise and skills to meet its obligations in accordance with this agreement. The provider is committed to ensuring that the customer [through its end users] is able to use these devices and services by interacting them remotely via the Internet or through its own communication equipment. When are quantenmeruit and quantentalbat relevant? The quantum (value of services) and quantum value (value of goods) rights arise in different situations ranging from the issue of contractual terms to the date on which no contract exists (Serck v Drake – Scull). General The vendor has developed [insert a description of the SaaS solution] software that it wishes to make available to the customer as a service for the benefit of the customer and the customer`s end users. Based on the supplier`s skills and experience, the customer chose the supplier to provide its [description of the SaaS solution] in order to support the customer`s business activity under this agreement. [insert supplier name] a company headquartered in [England and Wales] under the number [insert registered number] whose headquarters are located under [insert address] (provider); There you go.

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