Hs2 Non Disclosure Agreement

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Former Labour planning minister Nick Raynsford, who led the report, criticised the „widespread use of confidentiality agreements by HS2″ and accused the public of having a „corrosive feeling that planning no longer protects their interests.“ He added: „Given that this number often changes during the development of the project and that new agreements are included in the registry, we do not intend to publish a list of the parties at this time. The Borough Council signed a confidentiality agreement (NDA) with HS2 in 2013 to obtain „early design project updates“ before the release of the HS2 Hybrid Bill in November of that year. HS2 Ltd, the state-of-the-art company behind the project, said the agreements were necessary to protect the business information and data of those affected by the scheme. The large increase in agreements coincides with the process of advancing the development of the second phase of HS2 between Birmingham and the north of England, she added. These agreements help to prevent homes and businesses from being unnecessarily in trouble, protecting the economically sensitive information of both parties and the personal data of those potentially affected by the proposed amendments. This means rapid expansion since HS2 Ltd began signing in 2012 by external organisations ndAs, nearly half of them were signed last year 112. These agreements deal with what HS2 defines as „external organizations,“ and the company has stated very concretely that these NDAs do not refer to HS2 Ltd. HS2 staff with more than 300 confidentiality agreements, as indicated by the minister responsible for the project. „The application of confidentiality agreements to gag local authorities breaks any rule of fundamental public participation What HS2 Ltd does is send a message to the public that they are excluded from what is happening in its backyards.

Given that the number of NOAs seems incredibly small, given the number of landowners and owners who are the subject of gagged contracts, it is very likely that standard contracts or severance clauses will have the same thing as some compensation agreements, which is why the signatories do not sign them per se, but a more comprehensive contract with a confidentiality clause. In a review of the English planning system, the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) found that 26 local authorities had signed confidentiality agreements with HS2 Ltd at the planning stage.

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